A Fresh Voice of Our Times

Fortune favors the bold—the deepest and truest pleasures in life are not without risk.” – Asa G.K. Palagi


For Asa Palagi, ambition and entrepreneurship have always been second nature. At 17, Asa entered the US Army as a Civil Affairs Specialist. He served as a firefighter for the Oregon Department of Forestry as well as a Deputy Sheriff for Malheur County in Eastern Oregon. Asa founded Cascadia Global Security—a rapidly growing security and defense company. Currently, Asa is a Captain in the US Army.

Political Leadership

With the emergence of Asa Palagi as one of the top contenders in Texas’ 35th Congressional District, the contest is more exciting than ever. Due to his commendable public service.

Asa Palagi has a clear objective; to create an environment that allows free markets to thrive. He believes that by focusing on giving the people back the power, we can develop a great future for the whole community. As an Officer in the US military, Palagi gained experience that allowed him to start a security firm nationwide.

Recently, Palagi conducted an online survey to learn about the needs of the people. Based on the outcome of his research, the congressional candidate is narrowing his focus on public safety and strengthening the economy. As an entrepreneur himself, he believes that businesses small and large, are the key to success at the state level. Palagi stated recently, “Entrepreneurship creates jobs, which in turn alleviates homelessness and creates solutions to problems that the state does not even know are on the radar. The markets will always see issues before large government entities do”.

With just $1800, a garage, and a dream, Asa co-founded Cascadia Global Security, a veteran-owned and operated security and patrol company. Combining his military and professional experience with natural leadership skills and planning abilities, Asa launched a remarkably successful business. In just three years, CGS became nationwide.

Upcoming Book

About the Book

Kaboom: The Past Present and Future of Human Warfare” is about just that.  The book is about our ape-like roots and our voyage to the future.  Kaboom takes you on this ride with stops at most major conflicts throughout history.  The purpose is to highlight the dangers of nuclear warfare and show the fragility that we hang on earth.

Asa Palagi has dedicated his life to security, defense, and the study of warfare. With interests in history and martial arts, the reader sees other elements of warfare that might not typically cross their minds. In addition, the reader gets to enjoy a thrilling foreword by BJJ world champion and philosopher, Nathan Orchard of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.