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It’s time for innovative solutions with a framework of core American values; the right of the individual should always be preserved over the will of a group.

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Frankly, life in Texas is getting expensive.  We are experiencing inflation in large part due to Covid-19 and massive bail outs from congress.  Entrepreneurship, innovation, and small businesses are America’s, as well as the 35th Congressional Districts, backbone. I will always empower individuals to be able to make a living wage.

Border Crisis

There is an obvious border crisis impacting Texans.  This plays a direct role in both economic and security issues.  Citizenry, and legal migration are hallmarks of America.  Illegal immigration and a lack of action by our leaders, effects all of us working class Texans. 


With the expansion of Austin, San Antonio and the surrounding areas, our district is becoming less safe.  Growth and expansion are good but there are always second and third order effects.  As the owner of a large security firm, I have seen firsthand the destructive results of being weak on crime and allowing flourishing transient populations.  Safety is one of my top priorities.

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